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For six years I have been a part of a medical mission that travels to Cali, Columbia to provide medical care to the poor and under-served population in that area.  I am one of several volunteers from the Baton Rouge area that attend each year.While multiple medical specialties participate in the mission I have been part of the orthopedic team caring for adult and pediatric patients.  From the beginning we have seen what true poverty looks like, and the challenges these people face each day.  One of them is something we take for granted — having a pair of shoes.  Most children in our country have multiple pairs of shoes!  One weekend I stared at the pile of shoes that our girls had already outgrown – and they were in great condition.  It was then that I had the idea of bringing gently used shoes to Columbia on my next mission trip. This past Spring 2011, we were able to give shoes to roughly half of the 900 pediatric patients, and several hundred adult shoes were distributed as well.  Because of the incredible response that we received during the last mission, we have made the decision to continue this service.

Stevie and Patricia Guillory

Stevie and Patricia Guillory

My name is Stevie Guillory and my wife Patricia and I are the founders of Cameron Shoes.  Even though I have been on the mission trip to Cali, Columbia for six years this was the first year we distributed shoes to the patients that go through our medical mission.  This past spring (2011) we handed out almost 700 pairs of shoes to children and adults while we were there.  Since I volunteer as part of a medical team, my wife Patricia oversaw the distribution of shoes.  It was an incredible experience and one that we hope continues to grow so we can serve those truly in need.  We take no salary from Cameron’s Shoes.  We thank you for taking an interest in our efforts and invite you to follow us on this web page and on Facebook.  God bless!!

Cameron’s Shoes Foundation is a registered 503(c) public charity.  Contributions can be used as a tax deductible donation.  Monetary contributions are used to purchase shoes at greatly reduced prices and help cover shipping costs.  We collect shoe donations at several pick-up sites around Baton Rouge and South Louisiana.