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5 Days

We have 5 days left until the CS Soleman.  Wow, when I say that I get a little light-headed.  The CS team has been working very hard on this event for several months now, and we are final stretch.  Everything seems to have come together in a way that seems impossible.  Without the help from our friends and the community an event like this could never have been brought to fruition.

With all of the above said, this event sounds perfect, right?  Well, its missing one very important thing, YOU!  While a great deal of people have signed up, you still haven’t.  Why? What are you waiting for?  The weather this week looks great, the water temps are going to be fine, and we have planned one amazing event.  So what’s the deal? Got to ImAthlete.com and sign-up now.  You have no excuses left and to boot, we extended early registration prices until thursday at midnight. Can’t wait to see you saturday!

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